The best fjordcruice adventure in Tromso


The fjords in Tromso offer Arctic wildlife, nature and good experiences.
Join us on an unforgettable boat trip in Tromso



With our Fjordcruise you will get up close to nature, history and Northern culture.

This unique journey around Tromsø takes place in a well-equipped catamaran sailboat, and you get up close to the rich wildlife in and around the sea. Here you can enjoy both sea and fresh air, while sailing with the sea birds.


Plenty of space and comfort
In our exclusive catamaran, our guests will have plenty of space even with 10 guests. Two lounges offer spacious indoor comfort. In the front of the boat you can lie on the well-known catamaran net to make use of every second of this wonderful journey.

Get to know the local history
While sailing with Northern Yachting, the captain will guide you through the local history. The historic ship Tirpitz is not far away, and you get, among other things, the opportunity to see where the ship ended its days. You get to know Tromsø from a new perspective. Learn more about the city's rich history, while you snap some impressive photos!

While on board the sailboat you can get the opportunity to fish. We take you to Rystraumen, where you will get close to one of Norway's strongest ocean current. There are a lot of fish here! Maybe you're lucky and catch a fish? Local specialties will also be served along the way.

An unforgettable trip
If you want a break from an otherwise busy day, this is a trip you should not miss. You will be taken care of throughout, and the crew will do their best to make the trip unforgettable!

Included in price


Certified Captain

Wifi access 

Professional guide

Soft drinks

snacks included 


We use our boat as a base, to get close to Arctic Nature and wildlife

Our boat Arctic Eagle is a well-equipped catamaran with its 48 feet.


When you get on board our boat, you will get the feeling of getting on board a floating hotel.

This will be our base throughout the trip, and the boat together with our crew will ensure that you get the experience of your life

4 Double cabins
4 Toilet with showers
Heating systems
Storage space
Kitchen where good food is made
Safety equipment
360 degree views from lounge inside and out
Certified Captain with local knowledge

price and terms


YOUTH (13-17): 1000 NOK
CHILDREN (4-12): 650 NOK